Mamatoto Circle is a sacred space created just for mamas and babies within the first few years postpartum. This is much more than your average women's circle - Mamatoto Circle combines all the best aspects of a sacred women's circle, a postpartum doula experience, and a mini course in the women's mysteries and wisdom of the cycles. A professional nanny is on hand to support you with the care of your child, so you're able to fully drop in to the experience.

Mamatoto is a Swahili word meaning 'mother-baby'. We don’t have an equivalent word in English which recognises that, in the early years, mama and baby are not separable - they are two parts that make a whole. I created Mamatoto Circle as a space where mamas can gather together, keep their precious babies close by, and still have time for themselves that feels calm, gentle, nourishing and connected - like sinking into a warm bath.

What happens in Mamatoto Circles?

We gather every fortnight for six circles. We begin each circle with a grounding meditation, to allow us to relax and fully drop in to the experience. We then hold a sacred sharing circle, giving each woman an opportunity to speak and be heard by her sisters. Each fortnight we delve a particular topic, and in Mamatoto Circle we cut straight to the real stuff - the things we all go through as new mamas but don’t often have a safe space to discuss. We talk about:

  • our relationships with ourselves and our bodies

  • our experiences of birth

  • our shifting identities and feelings about work/careers

  • our relationships with our partners and our sexuality

  • our relationships with other women, and

  • our relationships with our families and friends

We also learn some tools and techniques to help us navigate these experiences. We use ritual and ceremony to help access our own inner wisdom, to release beliefs or experiences that no longer serve us, and to set our intentions for new ways of thinking and being. We learn about the 'blood mysteries’ of our menstrual cycles and how we can tap into our feminine power and wisdom. We learn about the wisdom of the lunar, seasonal and life cycles and how we can embrace the ever-changing journey of motherhood. We learn about radical self-care and boundary setting. And we practice the art of truly listening to one another, without ever needing to offer judgement or unsolicited advice.

What will be provided?

  • A selection of yummy, nourishing snacks and a pot of hot tea are always available

  • A professional nanny is on hand to support you in the care of your little one, so that you can fully drop into the experience

  • Mamas need mothering too, so you'll leave every circle with a jar of chicken bone broth (or vegetable broth for vegan/vegetarian mamas) and a jar of a healing herbal infusion specially selected to support postpartum health

Also included in the cost of attendance is your Mamatoto Bundle, with a carefully curated selection of the items you'll need to support you on this journey, including:

  • A heart-opening rose quartz crystal

  • A beautiful gold foil journal and pen for recording your experiences

  • A spritz bottle containing a grounding blend of essential oils

  • A jar of herb-infused mineral salts for soaking in the bath 

  • Two glass mason jars so you can take home your herbal infusion and broth after each circle

What about my baby?

I'm passionate about creating a supportive space for mamas with young children to attend, and babies of all ages are guests of honour in Mamatoto Circle. If you need to step out of circle for a period of time to tend to your baby's needs, I always do my best to accommodate this (e.g. the whole circle takes a break). It's usually straightforward for younger babies to stay with their mama the entire time we're in circle. For older mobile babies and toddlers, a professional nanny is on hand to provide mamas with support and assistance. 

Because I aim to make Mamatoto Circle a welcoming place for mamas with little ones, these circles sometimes have a different vibe than circles where babies and young children aren't allowed to attend - they can be noisier, for one thing! But this is simply the nature of being a mama. Life looks different now than it did before children, and that's OK - in fact, it's wonderful! Mamatoto Circles are about embracing the noise, chaos and constant change of life with little people, and finding the moments of calm and joy within that. 

Please reach out to me with any questions, mama. I look forward to sitting with you in circle soon.