Mamatoto Pregnancy Journey is a unique blend of a nurturing doula experience, a sacred women’s circle, and a mini-course in preparing for a beautiful and empowering pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You’ll be joined on this journey by an intimate group other mamas-to-be, as we walk alongside one another through this sacred rite of passage.


What's included

You’ll receive the same abundance of love and nurturing with which I shower all my doula clients, while also enjoying the nourishing sisterhood that comes from walking this journey alongside other likeminded mamas.

Six sacred and nurturing gatherings

We gather together six times throughout this journey, with five fortnightly gatherings during your pregnancy, and a final celebratory gathering after the birth of your baby. At each gathering you’ll be enveloped in grounding meditation and ritual, and nourishing food and plant medicine.​ We’ll form a sacred circle of mothers, where you’ll be safe to speak and be truly heard, and build deep and authentic connection with the other mamas on this journey. And together we’ll dive into the “inner work” that will lay the foundations for a beautiful and empowering pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

An abundance of resources, information and support

Every fortnight we’ll delve into a particular subject, and before each of the five pregnancy gatherings you’ll receive:

a recording from me packed full of relevant and accessible information

a mini workbook with exercises and journal prompts to guide you through your own preparation and inner-work

a list of recommended resources to help you delve deeper if you desire.

All of this information is for you to take or leave as you need, so don’t worry – you can spend as much or as little time on this material as you like, and you’ll still be able to fully participate in the gatherings regardless.

Nourishing food and plant medicine

At every gathering you’ll receive:

A yummy, nourishing meal that we’ll share together, as well as lots of snacks and herbal teas

An infusion of gentle herbs specially selected to support pregnant bodies, and a jar of healing salts and herbs for a bath or foot-bath, that you can take home to support you through the week

Mamatoto Bundle

You’ll also receive a carefully curated selection of the items you'll need to support you on this journey, including:

A heart-opening rose quartz crystal

A beautiful gold foil journal for recording your experiences throughout your journey

What we cover

Here's what you can expect to dive into during our journey together:

Laying the foundations.

Connect with your intuition and your baby, and understanding your unique circumstances, challenges, hopes and dreams for this pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Dreaming up your birth.

Envisioning your dream birth, choosing your ideal care providers, and crafting a birth map that will guide you toward this vision.

Knowing yourself.

We look in detail at your previous rites of passage to help you better understand yourself and how you’re likely to “be” in birth.

Preparing for your rebirth.

We’ll lay the foundations for a sacred, gentle and nurtured postpartum by mapping out exactly what your dream postpartum looks like, and what we need to do to get there.


Crafting the birthing bubble.

We’ll use meditation, craft and ritual to release any fears that don’t serve you, and to clear the way for the beautiful birth you dream of.


Honouring your rebirth.

After the birth of your baby, we’ll gather again to honour and celebrate your having passed through the birth portal and emerged on the other side as mother, or mother again.

Further details
journey beginning February 2021 is now open, for mamas due May onwards 
investment: $1100, or four monthly payments of $302
get in touch to learn more or to secure your place 
Our gatherings will be held in Thirroul, and their timing will be flexible, based on what works for the mamas joining this journey. There are a very limited number of places available in this intimate group, so please get in touch to ask any questions you may have, and to secure your place.
Jess xx